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Let’s Start Practicing Orgasm


“Peak” sexual satisfaction is not easy to achieve, especially if you are a woman. Almost every man can reach climax without difficulty, but not so with women. Inaccurate information regarding sexual satisfaction peaks can be caused by movies, books, or pornography depicting the characters reach orgasm every woman would have sex. 

Most women will feel there is something wrong with her ​​if you can not reach klimkas. In fact, do not always reach orgasm is normal. However, every woman can actually reach the peak of satisfaction, even multiple orgasms, if the environment supports. This means considerable knowledge of the couple about sex and how the provision was used to make her more relaxed and achieving orgasm. 

As mentioned earlier, an orgasm is an automatic response in men. In fact, in most men, the ability to reach orgasm is not associated with feelings of love or romance. In contrast to women, they need feeling confident,feeling loved and appreciated being able to enjoy the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Women also need to learn to achieve orgasm. 

The sex therapists believe that if you do not reach orgasm (or not easily orgasm) then there is no harm in trying it yourself alias masturbation.In a survey in the UK known to 47 percent of respondents said they first experienced orgasm through masturbation, 32 percent through sexual penetration, and 20 per cent through petting activity. Masturbation can help a woman determine the required rhythm during sex and also the most sensitive parts of the body. The majority of women also need stimulation in the clitoris to reach a climax. Oral sex also help a woman reach the top. 

If necessary use of sex aids such as vibrators. At the age of 30 to 40 years is usually a woman more easily achieve orgasm. But sexual satisfaction is also influenced by the menstrual cycle. Most women find it more easily aroused before or after menstruation. What is important is to open communication with your partner. No need to rush during sex and orgasm should set a target. Just enjoy what couples do. If it fails, try again in the next sex session.

To popular ronalndo cancel to role on the movie

Cristiano Ronaldo unveils debut fragrence - 'Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy', hosting global launch party  in Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo unveils debut fragrence – ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy’, hosting global launch party in Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo invited renowned director, Martin Scorsese, to come to play in his new film. But because it is considered too popular, CR7 finally dropped from the cast list.

The story began a few months ago when Scorsese contacted Ronaldo to borrow his new apartment, located at the top of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, New York. Scorsese wanted to use it to work on the apartment Ronaldo anyarnya movie entitled ‘The Manipulator’.

Quoted from GQ, ‘The Manipulator’ is a film based on the life of Alessandro Proto. Proto is a billionaire from Italy that figure is believed to be the inspiration creation of novel character Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey

Now, as a reward for lending the apartment, Scorsese offered Ronaldo a small role in his film.

But Ronaldo’s involvement in the film was rejected Proto. He is worried that fame Ronaldo will beat stories contained in the film.

Ronaldo may not be too disappointed with the write-off of the name of the film. Spanish sports daily publication, Sport, claiming that Ronaldo will be paid 20 million euros by Proto him to withdraw from the film.

“I do not want him (Ronaldo) is in the film which tells me. Martin Scorsese has a deal with me. Cristiano Ronaldo will not be in the movie,” said Proto.

“I’m sorry if he feels unappreciated, but in life sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. If I really have to give him 20 million euros, I’ll give you right out of my hand,” said Proto to livescore magazine visit link here .

Mourinho Will Not Retire in Chelsea


LONDON – Shocking to see the achievements of Chelsea this season. So the Premier League champions last season, Chelsea actually collapsed at the start of the Premier League this season. The Blues are still in the position 16 standings with eight points.

Many have speculated, The Special One will be expelled from the coaching chair by the Chelsea management. Mou nickname-Mourinho-precisely maintained. Mou precisely menyakan will not retire at the London club.

“If you ask me how many more years I will train, probably 15 years old. I am 15 years at Chelsea? It seems not, “said the former coach Intermilan that, as reported by Rippa, Friday (10/16/2015).

“I’m not going to end his career at Chelsea. I also wanted to, but I thought it was impossible. Back to Inter? Why not, “he said.

Mou has fond memories of the club when the gush of the fashion capital. Mourinho managed to bring Inter won the treble in the 2009-2010 season after completing resistance Bayern Munich 2-0.

This is Why Android Smartphone Vulnerable Malware


CALIFORNIA – The Android operating system has long been said to be vulnerable in matters of security. The latest news states, through the recent study conducted by the University of Cambridge, it was concluded that 87 percent of Android smartphones have problems to security.

The educational institutions have conducted research using data collected by the application called “Device Analyzer”. The application is available in the Google Play Store since 2011 for free.

Meanwhile, the University of Cambridge has collected data from Android Version and build number information of more than 20,400 devices. Similarly, as quoted fromArsTechnica, Wednesday (14/10/2015).

In the study, 87 percent of Android smartphones are vulnerable, at least one of them must have kecatatan problems in the system.

As it is known there are 11 issues kecatatan most popular system in the world of Android.One is Stagefright.

Researchers also said that the cause of the vulnerability that is so much going on in the Android smartphone is caused by the OEM (vendor). Vendors often too late even failed to send an update to patch the vulnerability gap in Android.

Along with the study, Cambridge also released what they call “”. In this site, they provide an assessment of the vendor (OEM) and hardware from most secure to the vulnerable.

The study mentions, Google Nexus, is the most secure in their records, with a score of 5.2.Underneath followed by LG (4.2), Motorola, Samsung, Sony, and HTC.

Why Google Nexus could be the safest? it is because they are a vendor that actively encourages update for Nexus devices. But Google also quipped, because although they are consistent to seek updates on the device, still they do it very slowly.

It can be seen from the Nexus update, although an update is available, but has actually released OTA will take up to 2 weeks.

Another problem, vendors are usually no longer sends updates to the device over the age of two years. Meksipun some time ago the vendor committed to send updates every month to a smart device, but with the policy, old devices still will not get a solution.

Therefore, in this issue, the study suggested that the vendor can send regular updates on a regular basis to the smart device to patch the security vulnerabilities gap.

This is Iran Underground Secret Missile Base


TEHRAN – Iranian TV station for the first time has broadcast a recording of a secret underground tunnel filled with missiles and missile launcher unit. According to some government officials, underground tunnels was one of the underground missile bases owned by Iran.

Located at a depth of 500 meters below the mountains, the recording of the Iranian TV station showed a very long tunnel which has a height of approximately 10 meters.

Iranian Aerospace Division Commander, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, confirm that the tape is one of the secret underground missile bases Iran.

“Iran’s long-range missiles deployed and ready for use under high mountains in all provinces and cities in the country,” said Gen. Hajizadeh, as preached Russia Today,Thursday (10/15/2015).

“This is an example of a large missile bases ours. New and advanced generation of long-range missiles are liquid or solid fuel will replace existing weapons in 2016, “he continued.

With a variety of advanced Iranian weaponry displayed in the two-minute video, Hajizadeh issued a warning to any party that is threatening Iran.

As we know, Iran has reached a nuclear deal with the six world powers, or the P5 + 1 (the US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China), in July 2015.

Under the agreement, Iran willing to hold back its nuclear program so that the lifting of sanctions against Iran by Western countries can be realized. Unknown Iranian Parliament has also approved the nuclear deal.

However, the video that was released recently shows that Iran still has a plan B, and not completely rely on nuclear deal with Western countries.

“The missiles in various ranges have been installed on the launcher at all bases and ready to be launched. We will use it if the enemy made a blunder, or if the state coalition of treason, “said Hajizadeh.