To popular ronalndo cancel to role on the movie

Cristiano Ronaldo unveils debut fragrence - 'Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy', hosting global launch party  in Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo unveils debut fragrence – ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy’, hosting global launch party in Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo invited renowned director, Martin Scorsese, to come to play in his new film. But because it is considered too popular, CR7 finally dropped from the cast list.

The story began a few months ago when Scorsese contacted Ronaldo to borrow his new apartment, located at the top of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, New York. Scorsese wanted to use it to work on the apartment Ronaldo anyarnya movie entitled ‘The Manipulator’.

Quoted from GQ, ‘The Manipulator’ is a film based on the life of Alessandro Proto. Proto is a billionaire from Italy that figure is believed to be the inspiration creation of novel character Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey

Now, as a reward for lending the apartment, Scorsese offered Ronaldo a small role in his film.

But Ronaldo’s involvement in the film was rejected Proto. He is worried that fame Ronaldo will beat stories contained in the film.

Ronaldo may not be too disappointed with the write-off of the name of the film. Spanish sports daily publication, Sport, claiming that Ronaldo will be paid 20 million euros by Proto him to withdraw from the film.

“I do not want him (Ronaldo) is in the film which tells me. Martin Scorsese has a deal with me. Cristiano Ronaldo will not be in the movie,” said Proto.

“I’m sorry if he feels unappreciated, but in life sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. If I really have to give him 20 million euros, I’ll give you right out of my hand,” said Proto to livescore magazine visit link here .

This is Iran Underground Secret Missile Base


TEHRAN – Iranian TV station for the first time has broadcast a recording of a secret underground tunnel filled with missiles and missile launcher unit. According to some government officials, underground tunnels was one of the underground missile bases owned by Iran.

Located at a depth of 500 meters below the mountains, the recording of the Iranian TV station showed a very long tunnel which has a height of approximately 10 meters.

Iranian Aerospace Division Commander, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, confirm that the tape is one of the secret underground missile bases Iran.

“Iran’s long-range missiles deployed and ready for use under high mountains in all provinces and cities in the country,” said Gen. Hajizadeh, as preached Russia Today,Thursday (10/15/2015).

“This is an example of a large missile bases ours. New and advanced generation of long-range missiles are liquid or solid fuel will replace existing weapons in 2016, “he continued.

With a variety of advanced Iranian weaponry displayed in the two-minute video, Hajizadeh issued a warning to any party that is threatening Iran.

As we know, Iran has reached a nuclear deal with the six world powers, or the P5 + 1 (the US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China), in July 2015.

Under the agreement, Iran willing to hold back its nuclear program so that the lifting of sanctions against Iran by Western countries can be realized. Unknown Iranian Parliament has also approved the nuclear deal.

However, the video that was released recently shows that Iran still has a plan B, and not completely rely on nuclear deal with Western countries.

“The missiles in various ranges have been installed on the launcher at all bases and ready to be launched. We will use it if the enemy made a blunder, or if the state coalition of treason, “said Hajizadeh.