Let’s Start Practicing Orgasm


“Peak” sexual satisfaction is not easy to achieve, especially if you are a woman. Almost every man can reach climax without difficulty, but not so with women. Inaccurate information regarding sexual satisfaction peaks can be caused by movies, books, or pornography depicting the characters reach orgasm every woman would have sex. 

Most women will feel there is something wrong with her ​​if you can not reach klimkas. In fact, do not always reach orgasm is normal. However, every woman can actually reach the peak of satisfaction, even multiple orgasms, if the environment supports. This means considerable knowledge of the couple about sex and how the provision was used to make her more relaxed and achieving orgasm. 

As mentioned earlier, an orgasm is an automatic response in men. In fact, in most men, the ability to reach orgasm is not associated with feelings of love or romance. In contrast to women, they need feeling confident,feeling loved and appreciated being able to enjoy the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Women also need to learn to achieve orgasm. 

The sex therapists believe that if you do not reach orgasm (or not easily orgasm) then there is no harm in trying it yourself alias masturbation.In a survey in the UK known to 47 percent of respondents said they first experienced orgasm through masturbation, 32 percent through sexual penetration, and 20 per cent through petting activity. Masturbation can help a woman determine the required rhythm during sex and also the most sensitive parts of the body. The majority of women also need stimulation in the clitoris to reach a climax. Oral sex also help a woman reach the top. 

If necessary use of sex aids such as vibrators. At the age of 30 to 40 years is usually a woman more easily achieve orgasm. But sexual satisfaction is also influenced by the menstrual cycle. Most women find it more easily aroused before or after menstruation. What is important is to open communication with your partner. No need to rush during sex and orgasm should set a target. Just enjoy what couples do. If it fails, try again in the next sex session.

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