To popular ronalndo cancel to role on the movie

Cristiano Ronaldo unveils debut fragrence - 'Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy', hosting global launch party  in Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo unveils debut fragrence – ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy’, hosting global launch party in Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo invited renowned director, Martin Scorsese, to come to play in his new film. But because it is considered too popular, CR7 finally dropped from the cast list.

The story began a few months ago when Scorsese contacted Ronaldo to borrow his new apartment, located at the top of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, New York. Scorsese wanted to use it to work on the apartment Ronaldo anyarnya movie entitled ‘The Manipulator’.

Quoted from GQ, ‘The Manipulator’ is a film based on the life of Alessandro Proto. Proto is a billionaire from Italy that figure is believed to be the inspiration creation of novel character Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey

Now, as a reward for lending the apartment, Scorsese offered Ronaldo a small role in his film.

But Ronaldo’s involvement in the film was rejected Proto. He is worried that fame Ronaldo will beat stories contained in the film.

Ronaldo may not be too disappointed with the write-off of the name of the film. Spanish sports daily publication, Sport, claiming that Ronaldo will be paid 20 million euros by Proto him to withdraw from the film.

“I do not want him (Ronaldo) is in the film which tells me. Martin Scorsese has a deal with me. Cristiano Ronaldo will not be in the movie,” said Proto.

“I’m sorry if he feels unappreciated, but in life sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. If I really have to give him 20 million euros, I’ll give you right out of my hand,” said Proto to livescore magazine visit link here .

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